DropMark further explored and explained

A while back I wrote about a new web site I had discovered. This web site is DropMark.com

I’m hoping that most of you have heard or and use DropBox.com. If you have not heard of DropBox.com then you need to get rid of those old flash drives/USB Thumb drives – whatever you call them and get with the program. These days people just store their stuff in the cloud and it is much easier to access and store. Plus you don’t loose the Cloud like you do those little tiny flash drives!

Back to DropMark.com though. DropMark is a wonderful new service that I think some teachers and students may find very handy. Once you create a DropMark account you are all set to start making collections. In these collections you can drop may different things. The key word being DROP! Making collections is simply a matter of dropping whatever you want to collect into your new collection. Want a picture to be a part? Drag it and drop it. Have some text that you want to store – select it, drag it and drop it. YouTube videos can be used as well – grab the video and drop it in there. You have an mp3 – drag it and drop it! You can drop all these sorts of materials right from your desktop or right from your web browser.

After building your collection it is then easy to show other people. You simply click on the first item and you start a presentation of sorts. The material is nicely displayed in your web browser for all to see. Of course the headline on the DropMark web site does say – “Dead Simple Collaboration in the Cloud!” So obviously it is simple to share these collections with other people as well. They can then view, edit and add to the collection you have already started.

The benefit I see in this web service is that I am not worried about what file types I drop in here. It all just goes! I’m not worried about how to present it…. all my material gets dropped in, I put it in order and click on the first item. I am then presenting all my material. I can even include a Web Site as a part of the collection – When I am presenting the material the presentation stays on the DropMark web site but allows me to show videos, pictures, text, web sites and music all in one simple clean interface. Building these collection is fast too!

The drawback I am finding right now is that I can not build collections from my iPad. They are working on that though.

DropMark is not DropBox. Both services store files. DropMark is meant to be used to share files with other people in a presentation sort of manner. Kind of like PowerPoint and yet in a very simple, easier fashion.

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