DropMark NOT DropBox


Have you seen or used DropMark? It is a new Web 2.0 site that takes sharing things to a new level. If you have not seen this yet you really need to go the their web site and take a look at some of the videos they have up. The service allows you to create collections that you then drop things into for quick, easy access to later. You can put video in the collection, audio, soundcloud tunes, pictures, web sites and documents too. The beauty of this is that you can even share these collections with other people easily.

What about creating a collection of materials for presentation to a class? I think this could be quick and simple. I think this may even take some of the issues out of trying to share some things with your class, like YouTube videos. I am always afraid to pull up YouTube in class for fear of what may pop up that I don’t want popping up! DropMark would allow for just that video to be a part of my collection! Of course I could just create a folder on my computer with all the materials in it and show the class from that. But then I I would have to understand how to download and save a YouTube video or that SoundCloud file, if they even allow that to be downloaded. Plus how do you put an entire web site into a folder on your desktop? You don’t.

Now there is an issue with the website for us iPad users. I tried putting a collection together tonight with only my iPad and it isn’t possible. Not at the same level as with a regular computer. The developers seem very Mac oriented and I expect this may be in heir future plans though. (I have not talked to them about this though)


After I create a DropMark Collection on my laptop and trying to access it with my iPad I will get back to you all and let you know how it works. With the release of the new app, Reflection, I could present a ton of material to my class in quick, organized fashion using my iPad, AirPlay and my class room projector. (I don’t have an Apple TV yet, that’s why I am bringing up this new app, Reflection.)


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