Yikes! The evil side of Google!

I consider myself a pretty savvy tech user. I know I’m by no means a guru but I’m way more knowledgable than many others!

So how in the world did this go under my radar?

Google has been storing a ton of my web searches since 2007! How in world would this be possible, especially when I know for a FACT that most of the time I am not even signed into my account when I am performing searches! I’ve read these stories, I know that what ever you do online leaves digital footprints but good grief! If I am not signed in and I do a search that is still being tracked? I guess I should clear my cookies out more often!

Do you want to see what is in your web search history?

1)Sign into your google account

2)Go to http://www.ggogle.com/history



Unless of course you don’t mind people tracking you! If I wanted what I was searching saved then I would simply look through my computers web browser history.


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