Melody Music Maker app

I received a press release today about a very interesting app….

Melody Music Maker is an app that helps you with those melodies stuck in your head. The app gives you a quick way to play around with a melody line and chordal accompaniment. There are settings to pick what scale you want to use and what sound you want for the chords and melody. By picking a scale that you want to use you are then given visual recommendations on what notes might sound the best and what chords might be best to go to next. It is this part that I find interesting. I am constantly finding a mental block on what chord might sound good next when I am trying to write a song. When I am just simply sitting at the piano and messing around it would be nice be able have a few indicators as to what might work well next harmonically. The app developer uses colors to give these recommendations, as seen here in this video or in the screenshots below.

The same method is used when creating a melody – the notes that are from the chord are a different color than the other notes. The main notes in the melody section are only notes that are going to sound good. This is based on the scale you have picked and the chord you are currently playing. Coming up with no wrong notes is a goal of this app! Man I wish I could do that in Band Rehearsal!

The app looks like it could be useful even to myself and for sure could be a great tool to help explain scales, chords and harmonically sound choices for composition or improv. There is an good introduction video on the main page of the website. There is also a nicely done manual page with even more videos.

By the way there is also a a decent collection of built in sounds in this app for both the chord voice as well as the melody voice. The best part is that the app allows for controlling of other MIDI apps or devices. This means you could use the Sunrizer synth for some sounds or an external keyboard too. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities. The app also gives you the ability to send and share these recordings with other people.

This will become one more app in my arsenal of music related tools in my personal toolbox as well as a great tool to use in class.



2 thoughts on “Melody Music Maker app

  1. I have found this very hard because I’m not a proffesional and I cannot play any instruments but I really want to write a song but I don’t understand when u press the record button it gives you a song to play a melody and I just want it to record the notes I play please help

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