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So I am trying to get more organized with working the iPad into a good workflow with my lesson planning. I have been looking for a way to write up my lesson plans that I can sync between my MacBookPro, the Band Room iMac, my iPad and that will also allow me to display each classes lessons on the projector screen for each class. It just makes sense to me that we should not be having to re-type thing. I don’t want to type lesson plans into a plan book, then have to re-type for the principal and then re-type it again into a Keynote for the class to see what’s on the agenda for the day. Duplicate Work=Wasted Time!

PlanBook Touch for iPad seems like it just might do the trick. The iPad app works with the Mac app and those both sync to DropBox. The app also lets me track standards that I am addressing. (more about this in a moment) The Mac app also allows for integration with iCal – I have not explored this so I’m not sure how it works and to what benefit it would be.

The Standards portion of the app is interesting in the fact that I can have all the standards in one place, alongside my lesson plans and it will allow me to track which ones I’m over teaching or under teaching. The only thing is that unless someone has all the standards already in a CSV file, I’m going to have to go through and manually enter each one.

With this app it seems to be a pretty easy job to display the daily agenda onto the projector screen for the kids to see so they can be prepared for that days rehearsal.

I’m wondering what other iPad toting teachers are doing right now as a solution to lesson planning and sharing lesson plans with the students/teachers. Does anyone have a good workflow that is working for them right now? What apps are you using?


5 thoughts on “Lesson Plan App – PlanBook

  1. You know for my tech class I am using Edublogs…. ( mrshimmons.edublogs.org) but you are doing a much better job of going into depth on your blogspot! I do like the blog idea for these tech classes though. Like you said I hate doing things more than once!

    As I dig into PlanBook I am finding more and more that I like. I am using the planbookconnect.com web site for projection on my classroom projector from now on I think – saves one step in the daily routine. – http://planbookconnect.com/teachers/3452 – The only problem is that I don’t see a way to update planbookconnect from the iPad. That is something I hope Jeff can add in the future.

  2. Your blog is really informative…I’ve been enjoying reading your posts. I work with a company called Portable Sound Labs and they make portable speakers for mp3 players and iPad. The iMainGo XP is the speaker that works with the iPad (it’s also a case/stand) and it really has amazing sound. We’ve been using it with GarageBand and other music apps and have found it’s really effective for musicians because the sound quality and clarity is so great. I thought you might be interested in checking it out with your students. You can check it out at Amazon here: http://amzn.to/ritvtj. Also, here is a YouTube review that shows the difference in the sound quality: http://youtu.be/dgR2tmkMdUc. Thanks and great blog!

  3. Planbook.com! I project it on the screen at the beginning of each class. Topic of the day, agenda for the class, any announcements, and standards from all academic areas, all 50 states and national organizations as well.

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