24 Track iPad Recording Studio for $49!

How about being able to record 24 tracks of audio at once? 48 tracks of playback! Being able to record on your iPad then move that session into another desktop recording software package like ProTools (LogicStudio?)!

The $49 is a bit mis-leading as you of course need an iPad as well as a USB audio interface. But the thought of what this adds up to in price and capability to what we were able to get 10 years is a staggering difference!

Auria App is from WaveMachine Labs and with the ability to play 48 mono or stereo 24bit/44.1 kHz tracks simultaneously, record up to 24 of those tracks simultaneously (through any supported USB multichannel audio interface), and edit and mix with familiar tools and full parameter automation, it’s clear Auria sets a new standard for iPad multitracking.

Here is a video of the software from YouTube

Of course there are other apps out there right now that let us record into our iPads – but the Auria App is the first to allow 24 tracks of simultaneous recording!

Now we just have to find a digital mixer – or at least a mixer that is compliant with the iPad camera connection kit! Of course if I’m recording 24 tracks of audio onto my iPad what am I going to use to read my music off from? I just might have to steal my original back from my wife iPad…. (anyone got any idea of how THAT’s going to go?) Maybe she’ll just let me by the iPad3!

If the thought of recording 24 tracks is a bit daunting to you – remember that there are several new iPad audio/midi docks/interfaces that are perfect for just recording several tracks at a time. The Alesis iO Dock is not new news but the Behringer iStudio  and the StudioConnect from Griffin are both new.

Apple’s GarageBand – which works on iPad/iPhone/Computer ,

Studio Track  from Sonoma WireWorks (8tracks of audio),

Amplitube 2 for iPad -(8 tracks of audio) (Really great for guitar players with all sorts of amp simulations and such),

MultiTrack DAW from HarmonicDog – (8 tracks simultaneous recording),

Studio.HD from SoundTrend LLC


One thought on “24 Track iPad Recording Studio for $49!

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