Apple’s iBooks Authoring Announcement from today.

Today was a late day at school, not nearly as long as two of my son’s. They got went to school at 7AM and came home at 9:30 PM! I’m proud of their dedication to a quality school and quality experiences. I had a band room bustling with students working on about 4 different musical projects so I did not get home until after 5. Then I had rehearsal with my Community Band that I play in. It’s late and I haven’t had nearly as much time to watch, review the new announcement from Apple  or to play with the new software as I would like to. But I already have an opinion…

Here’s what I think….

Apple just changed everything! I think that Apple just gave any school with access to an Apple computer and iPads an amazing new tool. I don’t think that the biggest impact should be that schools will buying textbooks in new formats, with amazing new interactivity. I think that what Apple has given schools is a tool with which teachers can create their own, personalized learning material and that students can create their own eBooks with. Students should be using this software to create lessons about what they are learning, lessons will help them really learn what they are working on. I can see a student taking the material from class, creating an eBook/iBook with that material and ending up with an end product that they are very proud of. An end product that has created a chance for them to take apart and reassemble classwork that could have been boring otherwise, in such a manner that they now actually have higher levels of retention and comprehension.

I see teachers creating exciting new materials that will grab students attention. Teachers will be creating lessons in ways never before possible.

iBooks, iTunesU and the iBooks Authoring App are significant, very significant!

Now, what about the schools without access to a mac for teachers and students to create with? Ummm… well current technology is going to be replaced at some point in time right? This announcement today may change all those Dells to Apples! (Do I dare to dream?)


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