iPad recording of up to 8 audio tracks at once!

Tonight as I was ALMOST ready to go to bed I read one more thing…. and it blew me away!

It is possible to record up to 8 tracks of audio at one time using an iPad! I had no idea we could do this! I knew that it was possible, using the Alesis i/o dock to get 2 tracks of input. Now we are at 8 though. Of course you have to have an audio interface that allows for 8 inputs and has USB output.  Here is a list of a few of the features from this app – it is call MultiTrackDAW….

More features

  • Stereo Recording – up to 24 stereo or mono tracks
  • Non-linear, non-destructive editing using Regions and Bins
  • Fader, pan, mute and solo for each track
  • Record up to 8 tracks at the same time on iPad with supported hardware(requires iOS5)
  • Per Track EQ and Compressor (3GS or later)

and the list goes on. Visit their web site for more info… the app is $9.99

Here is a picture of the Tascam US-800 that allows up to 8 inputs at once… now I have to go to bed… (Leave comments if you have used this app and have opinions about it. I don’t own it yet and want to know if I should buy it.

UPDATE – I just went to look up more info on this Audio Interface. The Sweetwater sound web page says that it is no longer available. The Musicians Friend and Amazon web pages has it for sale at $99. Music123 and Guitar Center has it for sale at $249 B&H says they are temporarily out of stock.

When I’m not supposed to be sleeping and am more awake this requires more looking into!

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