iTunes Match

iTunes Match is done. It took 32 hours for 15,609 songs. 

Much of the process has been smooth sailing. I say much, because I am running into one issue.

My songs are in the Cloud – I know this because I can access them all from my iPad or iPhone. No issues connecting and listening to these either. They load fast. It seems that if I am accessing the Cloud from an iOS device the song I am playing is stored on my iOS device. This is a benefit because later if I do not have a network connection, as in on a bike ride with my iPodTouch, I can still listen to music. I can also select songs, albums or artists to download at my choosing. In other words I would not have to push play on each individual track to get them all downloaded and stored on my device. The problem now is that I can not delete songs that I had previously loaded onto my iPad. My thought is that if I can download individual songs as I need them why store as much for those “just in case I want that song” moments. My previous method of hooking the iPad up to my laptop, selecting the songs in iTunes and deleting are not working. In fact when I did that my iPad then showed that it was 3.3 GB over capacity! I had 6.2 GB of music stored on my iPad. If I can just simply access any song or album at will then I don’t need to actually store all that music on there. When I have the desire to listen to something I will access it through the cloud at that time, it will then download to my iPad as it plays.  The problem, as mentioned, is that I can not get the music to delete!

So my solution…. go to my iPad, turn off iTunes Match and then delta the music. Boom – all gone – as expected! Now I’ve got tons more free space on my iPad.

Now I re-sync one more time and go turn iTunes Match back on.

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