iTunes Match


It’s 11:52 am on Tuesday the 27th. I finally made the decision to go ahead and try iTunes Match for a year. It will be interesting to see how beneficial this is. I have several questions about the process. First is the question of me having two computers with different music on each. I have my laptop and my iMac upstairs is the computer the rest of my family tends to load their music onto. I wonder how smooth that is going to go. I wonder how long the process is going to take as well.

I bought my iPad 2 with the idea in mind that I would not be storing as much music on it this time around because of iTunes Match and Google Music and DropBox. I have been using Google Music for a few months now. It has been nice to access my music whenever I want. It has seemed a bit of a hassle having to use the web interface though, especially on my iOS devices. In face I have simply chosen not to use it at times. GoogleMusic has worked very well though, with the exception of several albums that have the same name. In that albums case I still have not been able to access the second album, I see the album I want to listen to when I look at the artists list but as soon as I click into the album it goes to the wrong one.

Well it looks like the iTunes progress bar is a third of the way done. More updates later.

Now it is time to see how it goes with an Apple integrated product.

(UPDATE: Well it is now 8:20PM on the same day. The progress of iTunes Match is 2 steps out of 3 are done. Step one was gathering info. Step two was matching my music to songs already in the cloud. Step three is uploading artwork and remaining songs – the warning under that makes me laugh – “This may take a while.”

I do have 10, 743 songs available in iCloud that I could access from an iOS device. )

(UPDATE 2: Now it is 11:46PM on the same day. 7,929 songs are uploaded of  11,923 songs are now uploaded – 11,506 songs are now available in the Cloud! So this process has been WAY faster than GoogleMusic’s was. It took me a week or something crazy to finish uploading the same library to the Cloud with them.

I have connected both my iPhone and iPad to the Cloud now. The songs that are not on my devices load almost as fast as those that exist on my device.


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