Evernote Hello

If you have not noticed that Evernote has released a couple of new apps you should check them out. The Evernote Hello app could prove very useful for those of us who can not remember people’s names. The app lets you hand your phone to another person who then sees your face and a message like , “Hello, my name is Paul.” Then they get to put in their name and take a picture of themselves, actually four pictures. Then they have the option of adding more info as well, like phone , email, twitter and other details like that. Once they are done you end up with a nice picture of them along with their name to look at. You also get a record of where and when you met them, including an actual map. Very handy for when you are wondering where you know people from. In the future you can add more instances of when you see them the next time. There is also the option of you adding their information and picture yourself if you would rather not hand your phone to someone else.

I just got a new class of students for my last hour tech class. I had all the students go through and put heir pic, name and school email in my phone. Now I get to sit back and look at faces and names. I’m hoping to learn the kids by the end of the week. I’ve also just figured out who doesn’t know their school email!



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