iPhone 4 and GPS Apps

While this is not exactly music related I thought I can still tie it in! 🙂

I ditched my Android phone the day that the iPhone 4S came out. This was a move I had been waiting for. Waiting for ever in fact! Various issues kept me from buying an iPhone from the first version until this one. The one app that I am missing from my Droid is the Navigation app from Google that tied into Google Maps. That was about the only thing I liked about my Droid after the first year.

So now I am taking students down to Battle Creek to see the Brass Band down there. This will be the third time we are doing this and every year the trip keeps getting better and better. The first year we were basically observers for rehearsals and then we saw the concert. The second year we actually managed to get a few classes from Steve Mead, Marty Erickson and Allison Shaw, in addition to watching rehearsals and the concert. This year the kids will be sitting in master classes with four or more people! One of those is Wycliffe Gordon! The people playing in this Brass Band are absolutely astounding players – superstars of the Brass Band world!

The reason I am writing this post is because I am trying to find a good GPS App for my new iPhone. I’m not very impressed with Apple’s Maps. I’ve tried the open source app Waze – that one is pretty useful. Waze offers free voice turn by turn directions. My kids like the munching that we get to do (kind of like packman). I do not like that I can not easily see the route it has picked for me to take to my destination. Tonight I downloaded MotionX GPS Drive. This app looks promising. Plus it was on sale! YIPPI! .99cents right now – normally $10 (I think that was it – I don’t like the way Apple blocks out prices after you have purchased an app – I always forget how much it cost so writing about them later is a bit more difficult.) Does anyone else have suggestions for GPS apps they are using on a consistent basis and love?

I am also looking for a great car mount to hold my iPhone while driving down the road. I have it in an OtterBox Case so I would really like to leave it in that case and put it in the mount. Any ideas?

Field trip with my students…. Apps…. iPhone 4S…. it’ll be an awesome trip!



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