iPad and flash

I’m sure you are all aware of the issue that Apple has with Adobe’s flash software. I’m not concerned about this because frankly I agree, flash messes things up!

Every now and then though I do run across a web service that uses flash that I can not find an alternative for. Right now I am having a class write stories, actually we will be writing all semester long in one way or another. I found a great website called Storybird . This site uses flash. I wanted to edit my book while using my iPad and at first thought I was out of luck. Then I remembered an different web browser I had downloaded a few weeks ago that was supposed to let me use flash based web site. So I pulled it up and tired it. Every thing on StoryBird worked great! I was able to get in, edit my book, change some of my settings for my account and save the book. I’m loving it!

Like I said, usually I stay away from flash but sometimes there are great tools, like StoryBird. If you have not seen what StoryBird can do and you are writing stories with students you must go check the web site out!

You for sure need to go get Puffin. Even if all you ever do with it is watch TV reruns on TVLand.


2 thoughts on “iPad and flash

    1. Puffin is the browser app I was using. iSwifter is another app that allows flash as well (thanks for reminding me of that one Aron). I think Puffin worked a bit better though, graphics seemed smoother.

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