Using SIRI and voice dicatation in the classroom

So for those of you with a nifty new iPhone 4s i read a great article from TUAW today. I have had Mobile Mouse installed on my iPod touch and now on my iPhone for some time now. It is a very nice way to interact with the computer that is hooked up to my projector in the front of the band room. I never once thought about this possibility though. When using Mobile Mouse if you are have the mouse in a text input situation othe computer, like trying to run a Google searthen a web browser, yu can simply tap the mic and dictate through mobile mouse to the computer. This is going to be WAY faster than trying to type from my iPhone!

By the way, I’m on an iPad typing this in the web interface on WordPress. Seems as though there is a bit of a bug. I lost the ability to see my cursor until I hid the keyboard and tapped back into the typing area.

Anyways, here is the link to the original article,

If you have never used Mobile Mouse it is a wonderful remote to your computer. There are all sorts of bells and whistles to it! I use it to control SmartMusic for one! This let’s mestand back ithe percussion section and still run the computer.

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