Steve Jobs and iOS5

It has been marching season and I notice that I have not posted in a while. Sorry about that. We now have only homecoming and our Lights Out Show left now though.

So much has happened recently. Steve Jobs has passed away. I found it very ironic that I was sitting in my Middle School Tech class the day before his passing. After watching the introduction of Siri, I made a comment about his not doing so well and that he may not be around much longer. I did this as a way to bring to the attention of these 8th graders why Steve was not at the iPhone 4S keynote. The discussion the next day was not started by me. The students were commenting to me before I could get in the door. I think, like many others, that Steve Jobs is the same magnitude as Thomas Edison. To think that we have experienced first hand his presence or at least watched him so many times on video, is amazing. I’ve often wondered what it was like to live during the times of some of the great people in our history books. I think I know now.

iOS5 is out. I hope you have updated. Updating has been almost painless at my house. 3 boys and my iPad2 have all been updated without a hitch. One boy did not restore his iPod Touch from his back up so he ended up putting all his music and apps back on by hand. I have an iPodTouch that I updated and now it will not work. It seems that the bottom part of my screen will not let me TAP – it will let me swipe though. So I can swipe to unlock the iPod but I have to tap in that bottom section to answer the setup questions for iOS5. Anyone with any ideas of what could have gone wrong or what to do please let me know!


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