Amazing new Technology is making our life easier.

Apple’s release of iCloud is an amazing technology. iCloud is fast, scary fast! As I was helping one of my boys upgrade their iPod’s and enable iCloud he experienced this quickness. We turned iCloud on in his iPod Touch and by the time we opened a web browser on my MacBook, all his contacts and calendar information was in the cloud! His reaction was priceless and I wish I had it on video. When the web page came up, his eyes got real big and he exclaimed “Whoa!”. He whipped his head around to me and uttered, “How did it get in the Cloud already?!”

I also experienced how quick iCloud was as well. I went after school friday to the local Verizon store to get my new iPhone 4S. I could not believe they had any in stock as I knew there had been people in line starting at 4:30AM and this is a college town. After paying for the phone the sales person asked if I wanted help setting it up. I of course chuckled and told him that all he needed to do was make sure it was ready to make phone calls and I would do the rest. He was happy I was making it so easy for him. I took the phone, typed in my iCloud ID and answered the rest of the start up questions. Then I left. By the time I made it to my car (not even 200 feet away), got in and turned my phone on, all my contacts and calendar information were all on my new phone without ever connecting a cord! I was blown away!

I am having issues with iCloud, Google and my laptop though. On my laptop I am ending up with duplicate entries of calendar info and duplicate contacts. The only thing is that they are not “really” duplicate though. One is what is in the cloud and the other is what Google is syncing to my laptop. I am thinking that I REALLY need to have at least one Google calendar working to sync to my band website. Other than that though I am ready to dump Google calendars and contacts. The only reason I started using them in the first place was because I had bought a Droid (1st version) 2 years ago. Now that I have upgraded to the 4S (Thank goodness for a wonderful wife!) I’m not relying on Google anymore. I wonder if you can publish an iCal calendar to a web site?

The other piece of software Apple has put out that is blowing me away is SIRI. 2 years ago my Mother could not believe that my phone talked! Really what had happened was that she heard my Droid, ring-tone, that said – “Droid”. She was very ill at the time and I will never forget that picture of her trying to find the energy to talk enough to say, “That phone talks!”. If she was still alive and could experience SIRI she would be as blown away as I am, as my kids are and would probably join in our laughter at some of the crazy things SIRI can do. SIRI is a revolution in technology. SIRI is going to save people a lot of time. SIRI is going to absolutely change the way the world interacts with devices. It is no wonder that Steve Jobs simply smiled after watching the introduction of SIRI the day before he passed away! He knew. Now we know.

If you have no idea what I am talking about or what SIRI is, I am not going to re-state what has been reported on the web all over the place. Go to Youtube, go to Apple’s web-site go read some news. Then go get an iPhone 4S!

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