Google Music comes to iOS

Today Google made the wonderful announcement that their Google Music is now being supported on iOS devices! They announced this on Twitter which I find interesting. Guess I should follow their Twitter account huh?

Simply go to on your iOS device and check it out.

I know that I am enjoying the availability of having my entire music collection at my fingertips while I am at school. I don’t have to try to remember to load certain songs on my iPod anymore. I don’t have to wait a day to play a song if I get the urge to “teach in the moment” but “that” song is not with me at school. I simply sign into my google music account and there it all is!


2 thoughts on “Google Music comes to iOS

  1. I do have it all uploaded (I think it all made up there anyways!) It’s at 15,103 songs! It also says that 20,000 is the max. I’m not sure if they are counting by the song or by the size. I know that if I look at my iTunes account it tells me that I have 15,677 songs and that it is 81GB! I know when I was uploading that Google told me some of those songs were not going to upload because of file type – (I think I’ve got some AIFF’s in there – I should get rid of them I suppose because those files are large)
    Now, Google Music is in beta and is for now free. I have not heard how much it’s going to cost once it is no longer in beta.

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