Sibelius and Scorch for the iPad

I am currently at Band Camp and working hard. I am driving those kids hard too! The more tired at night the better is my philosophy!

On Saturday before I left I put my band camp scores that I had already done in Sibelius onto my iPad so I could boot up Scorch for the iPad and use that while at camp. Well come to find out it did not work! I could not see all my parts. Some of the instruments at the very bottom of the score were not there! I emailed Sibelius people and sent them files so they could see what was going on. They responded quickly, that says tons for how much they care about their users!

Come to find out you MUST make sure EVERY instrument in your Sibelius score MUST be labeled with a different name. So if you have two trumpet lines you should name one Trumpet 1 and the other Trumpet 2. Make sure you also check the abbreviation for each instrument as well. With that fix my scores are working wonderfully in Scorch. I love having my music in Sibelius. I am now able to do fun and practical things like take the french horn part and create a trombone part so I can play along with my freshman french horn players on my trombone without transposing! I printed out tab parts for my bass player.

With Scorch on my iPad it is a cinch to go from looking at the full score to looking at any specific part and only that part. It is way easier than trying to play along with the students and turning pages on a score! Plus when I am in sectionals it is so nice to be able to just focus on one part and not see the whole score if I don’t want to!


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