Using unrealBook and PDF Music more fully

Is that title grammatically correct? Oh well you get the idea….

Doug from  and I have been throwing some ideas around in the comment section of a post a few days ago. I thought I would bring those thoughts up here to the front.

I had just dug in and discovered the beauty of a multi-song PDF – My PDF had 192 songs and 220 pages in it! In order to use it though I needed to learn the beauty (and ugliness) of  index’s in unrealBook. I mean who wants to scroll through all those pages to try to find the correct page for that one song?

Then Doug brought up the point that even though I could now look at the index and find any given song FAST, I could not use those index listings as a part of a set list. The solution was simple. I learned what Aron, the developer of unrealBook, created Bookmarks for. What I do now is find the one song in that 192 song PDF, then while on that song I create a Bookmark. That Bookmark show up then in Songs Menu under All Files – Not just the Indexes section! This means that now I can use those bookmarks in a Set-List. My Set-List can contain single song PDF’s, Blank PDF’s created from the Modify Set List Menu (look for the white Plus Sign), and also Bookmarks that pull up my 220 page PDF with 192 Songs in it. The beauty of that Bookmark is that it pulls up the 220 page PDF to the correct page for that song. If it is a song with more than one page to it – no problem because you are actually looking at all 220 pages not just that ONE page. The Blank PDF that I mentioned is one other feature that I just discovered. It allows you to insert a page on which you can use the drawing and annotation tools built into unrealBook so that you can create notes to yourself about the set list.


5 thoughts on “Using unrealBook and PDF Music more fully

  1. Paul

    You are really digging into this and I appreciate it. Let’s see if I understand you. When you put a song from a multipage PDF into a setlist and advance to that song with the foot pedal, then you are in the middle of that PDF and can advance to the next page if it is a multipage song. The foot pedal will not take you to the next song; so you go to the menu in the bottom right corner and select the next song in the setlist. Not ideal, but workable if you don’t intend to transition from one song to another without pausing.

    I am determined to take maximum advantage of the open architecture of unrealBooks organizational possibilities because I really like its linked metronome, linked audio, and recording capablities and you are giving me ideas.



  2. See…. now you bring up an excellent point that I totally missed! Being able to use a foot pedal to go from song to song and never having to touch the screen.

    In unrealBook while using a set list that has bookmarked songs in it from a larger file, you will currently have to tap the next song button {bottom right hand corner – it should have the title of your next song in the button along with a little arrow }(I’m hoping this is in the current version – I am a beta tester for unrealBook and sometimes don’t know what’s been released or not). If you don’t tap that Next Song button then yo will just continue turing pages further into the large PDF file and those songs very well may not be on your set list.

    Hmmm…. But at least you are not picking your next song out of a list and searching for it. So it should be pretty quick and easy to tap one button to get you into that next piece – unless of course you have both hands playing! Then I would suggest using your nose.

  3. Paul

    I forgot about that next song button in the bottom right hand corner; thanks for pointing it out. I am working on an email to Aron with some recommendations now that I have been using the program regularly for about six weeks and have gotten comfortable with many of the features. Overall I am very pleased with the program. I discovered today I can record with the metronome going although the metronome comes out a little louder than I would like in the playback.


  4. Does anyone know how to make my Donner Bluetooth page turner work in UnrealBook… as the option is only for an Airturner…Thanks in advance

  5. Hi Will – I am not familiar with how the Bluetooth pedals work at all as I do not own one myself. But if you are on Twitter the developer or UnReal Book is pretty responsive. Send a tweet to @unrealbook with this question and he can answer you I am sure! Of course it would be nice if the pedal folds themselves would support you as well right?

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