Lion – Mission Control and App Exposé

All right! I figured it out! It only took me 24 hours but I got it!
In Lion I could NOT figure out how to see all the windows open in a specific app. Last night I figured out that I could call up Mission Control with a 3 finger swipe up then if I had for instance 6 different Keynotes open I could do d 2 finger swipe up on top of keynote while in MC and all those 6 files would spread apart somewhat. Not far enough to really see what was on each keynote though unless it happened to be one of the front ones. TONIGHT I dug into the system pref’s and wen to TrackPad settings in there under More Gestures you have to enable App Exposé!

Not only does this give you what you would expect from Exposé but now you also get to select from a list of recently opened documents too! This could prove useful and maybe not depending on how concerned you are about security issues. There is probally a way to change how many recent docs any given app will see.

I do know that I am having issue smattering the Show Desktop gesture. Not sure why.

Here is s screen shot of App Exposé at work and a list of recent docs….


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