Lion and adjusting

A bit off topic of the iPad tonight – Let’s talk about Lion!

I now have Lion installed on my MacBookPro. I really want to put it on the iMac for the family – problem is that it is not running Snow Leopard. That means we have to also purchase Snow Leopard, install it first and then Lion! Now I’m re-thinking whether or not we will actually do it. The family gets on safari and mail. They also use it for school reports, Pages, during the school year. It might not be worth it.

I am liking the new Lion though. One thing that I am trying to adjust to are the multi-touch gestures. Something I used to do all the time in SL was to grab a file, a mail attachment for instance, and then invoke expose to reveal the desktop where I would then drop that file. It’s not so easy in Lion. I found that I can grab the file and then use TWO hands to do this – My thumb holds onto the file then I use two fingers from each hand to swipe out and up to reveal the desktop. There’s got to be an easier way – anyone?

I’m not liking the them in iCal and Address Book – Please give us several Apple! I like the improvements in those apps though.

I’m thinking I will be actually using the Dashboard more than once a year like now though. It just seems more accessible.

Not sure about the full screen apps – still trying that out!

I am using spaces – now called different desktops. I am also using mission control.

What are you using all the time and loving?

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