GooglePlus and Facebook

Not sure who all out there is exploring GooglePlus (or how ever you are supposed to spell it). I do know that one of the huge reasons I was not excited about trying it out in the first place was because of all the photo’s my wife and I have on facebook. Not to mention all of my kids too. Well tonight I found a great post about how to easily move all your facebook pics over to GooglePlus and Picasa. I have had a Picasa account for a while now but have not used it much for some reason. Now Google is offering unlimited storage – good news.

Here is the link – Move FaceBook Photo’s to GooglePlus

Not sure what I think of GooglePlus yet – The one thing I do like are the circles – Circles means I can decide which group/s of friends see each of my updates. So if I am posting something about personal life, students don’t need to see that! This could be a great thing for schools. I also like the looks of the Hangouts. This could be fun in education as well!

(BTW – I did have some issues moving over photo’s – all DID NOT go smooth. But it wasn’t horrible either!)


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