Sibelius and PhotoScore Pro

Well I just found out that PhotoScore Pro does NOT like reading in mallet parts that have rolls in them! PhotoScore also does not like to read in the stuff from the bottom of the parts either! I wish it wasn’t there! I just end up having to delete it any ways and re-type it.

In order to go through all the wind parts and have PhotoScore read the TIFF files – it is taking me about two hours per piece. I wonder if I could just play them in by using the keyboard this fast? there are still too many errors that are having to be fixed. Of course if I did like they said and actually scanned the parts in as grayscale it would be better I’m sure. I am using the school copier though – and I think it will only do black and white. Boy does it do them fast too! I can have all the parts scanned AND emailed to myself in a matter of like 60 seconds! Try doing it that fast on your personal copier/scanner!

I think that I am really going to like having Scorch – it does mean this extra work up front but when it is done I will have really good looking music on my iPad – I will be able to pull up anyones part in an instant or switch back to the score. I wish that JWPEPPER would just sell me the Sibelius file! I’m sure someone has to know how to copy protect it!

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