Multiple users on an iPad

I have not had a chance to get iPads into the hands of multiple students at school yet but I do know that one thing I have been wondering about is how it will work having different students share the same iPad across several different classes. Then today I came across this article….

So maybe in the not so far future we will be able to have multiple user settings on an iPad. I would be very interested if any of you know where I can find information on how teachers are handling multiple students sharing iPads and what their workflow are. How are they setting up mail, documents, turning in assignments, loading assignments and things like that.


3 thoughts on “Multiple users on an iPad

  1. So Brandt, if you have a Johnny in 1st hour working on iPadA and he is doing lets say a Keynote presentation….. when he is done with the hour does Johnny’s keynote stay on iPadA until the next day – which then means that Suzzy, in 2nd hour will then see his keynote sitting there. OR do you only use google docs which means everybodies docs are all in the cloud then. But what about email – are you using gmail and safari for all their emails too and not even touching the built in email app?
    What about all their google doc accounts – is that something the school set p or did you have each individual student create their own account?

    1. If a student creates a keynote in Period 1 it stays on there for student 2.

      Most of our “turn in” work is using google forms. Or if its a recording they email it to me with a subject line “bschneiderrecording7-15-11”. Each ipad has the same email account.

      In the end I spend very little time figuring this stuff out I suppose. I usually have the students figure it out since every app has a new way to do things. I dont think we turn too much stuff in. We use it much more as a tool in class.

      Send me a note and we can google+ or skype if you need more.

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