Integrating iOS, computers and the web of the web!

How many times are you reading some amazing article on the web on one of your devices and you realize that you really wish you could save it for later? Or what about when you would like to change from reading a web page on your iPad to reading that on your laptop? What if you want to be able to pick up reading a web page again in 5 minutes but you are not sure if you will have your iPod Touch or you iPad or your laptop? Well I have been playing around with a few services that solves those issues mentioned above. will actually take the web page you are reading, strips away all the “extra” stuff and then prints a PDF file of the “good stuff” and emails it to you. You can then file it away in your favorite manner for access later – like in your DropBox folder. solves an issue I have constantly… I like to read my RSS feeds on my iPad – I like the different apps I have that all link to Google Reader – but that is another post another day. Sometimes when I find a post on some ones web site I would rather finish reading about it on my laptop – What I used to do was try to type in the web address by looking at the address in my iPad browser and typing it into my laptop – or I would copy and paste it into an email. Now all I do is click a link in my iPad browser and boom – it pops up on my laptop! It’s pure magic!

and the last service that I just found out about is similar – It’s called – This is the same idea  – it uses bookmarks in you browsers to “keep a page with you”. If you are reading a web site on your laptop for instance and you have to leave to go to your doctors appointment (or insert something amazing in here like…. you have to have your chauffeur drive you to your concert gig at Carnegie Hall.) you can then click a send bookmark on your laptop – then grab your iPad/iPhone and click the receive bookmark and the same webpage pops on on your mobile device. This is a set of two bookmarks on each device- a send and a receive.

You may have to read the directions on each of these services several times to get them set up – especially if you are not used to doing something like this on an iOS device. The end outcome is priceless though – literally as these don’t cost you a cent! Just three more ways to make us more productive!

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