Getting music onto my iPad

I have to say that I just might be really busy this summer! Our school now has a copier that will scan and email me a PDF file. Boy is it nice! I can email myself a PDF of 54 pages of music in it that is only 3.6 MB! File size and time is no longer an issue for me.

So this now brings up a question about how everyone is working with their music books. I have so far only been scanning in one song into a file at a time. Now it seems that there is a possibility of simply scanning in an entire book and saving it as one file. But then I would of course need to create an index file. Any ideas on this situation?

2 thoughts on “Getting music onto my iPad

  1. UnrealBook has an indexing feature; so do some other music readers. To my knowledge, ForScore does not. I’ve been scanning complete voice books, and using Preview on the Mac to copy and paste individual songs as PDFs as needed (e.g. Solo & Ensemble Contest).

    The whole scanning project is drawing to a close…for school lit. We have four bass/baritone books to go. I still have a lot of personal tenor lit to scan, but I don’t use my personal lit in my teaching.

    Our entire library of 400 songs and 60 voice books (estimated) total less than 4GB of storage.

  2. “Our entire library of 400 songs and 60 voice books (estimated) total less than 4GB of storage.”

    Simply amazing and not to mention – it is so much easier to access all this music at a moments notice! Now if we could just get iPad’s into each kids hands!

    I’m going to have to dig into the indexing on Unreal Book and figure it out.

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