New thought on Digital Music

You know for years I have been slowly putting my Concert Band music into Sibelius. This has allowed me to manipulate the music in many different ways for different reasons. Like re-writting parts for missing instruments, changing parts because of ability level or simply quickly being able to re-print a part when one goes missing for whatever reason.

The new thought I had came to me today while a middle school band was sitting waiting to rehearse. I was sitting waiting for Sibelius to do its start up routine when it hit me that this process could be made even quicker! All I needed to do was print all the individual parts, combine them into one PDF file then I could simply QUICKLY open that PDF file, find the correct part and hit print! This would cut out a few of those moments that allowed middle school kids to “loose it”.

So my new process is this – Step 1 )Input music into Sibelius.   Step 2)Put the Sibelius file, a PDF file with all the parts in it, and a PDF file of the score all into one folder.   Step 3) Put the PDF file of the score into my DropBox folder with all my current scores in it.    Step 4)Put PDF score onto my iPad

If you do not yet have a DropBox account you need to Drop everything you are doing and go sign up for one by the way!


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