iPad and Projectors

A quick post here before Spring Break! I found out the exciting news this week that the iPad2 does indeed support mirroring through the VGA adaptor! This means that you do not have to find a projector that has HDMI – I know our school doesn’t have any!

I purchased that adaptor – it works great! I will be using it along with the capability to play audio files and showing the kids the music all at the same time in the next class. Now if I could just get a nice long cable to go to my podium instead of being 3 feet from the wall. Of course Apple simply needs to enable AirPlay to display even static apps, not just video and audio! Then whatever I am showing on my iPad I can use AirPlay and display it on the projector!

Do I really need a whiteboard now that I can do this? There are great possibilities with AirSketch along with the capabilities and possibilities of AirDisplay combined with either the actual SmartBoard software or something like Ink2Go. I’m really doubting the need for a SmartBoard.


5 thoughts on “iPad and Projectors

  1. the only snag in your reasoning here is that you won’t be able to use the SMARTBoard software as you won’t be using a SMARTboard and the licence expressly forbids use on any touch or pen enabled device. The iPad is a great tool, but it’s not made for whole class teaching for so many reasons too numerous to list here.

  2. Nice point. I did not realize that was in their license! Therefore one would have to use alternative software. I know too that with that SmartBoard software I did have issues on older machines in the past.

    As I went thorough my fellow teachers and polled them in their current use of their SmartBoards I did not find one person doing something that I could not replicate in an easier manner using my iPad. Plus the cost of my set up compared to theirs is much cheaper. Which in turn would allow for purchase of devices for the individual students to use. That would then turn the classroom focus from one student interacting with a whiteboard in the front of the room to a much better scenario of engaging more students that had access to a device like the iPad. I would rather have more students engaged than seeing one student up front, or worse yet, me up front being engaged.

    Like you said… there are so many facets to this that it is going to be a lot of reading and experimenting! How exciting! I am looking forward to digging through your website more in the upcoming days. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Is it possible to mirror an ipad scrren (entire os) to other ipads? I would love to use that feature in my classroom but haven’t found a perfect solution yet.

  4. James – I am not aware of ANY solution to have one iPad be able to “see” another iPads’ screen (or control it). I know unReal Book has worked it out so that I can have two iPads sharing the same sheet of music several different ways. I know SyncPad does a Whiteboard sort of thing that will sync iPads, iPodTouches and desktop computers using a web browser. http://mysyncpad.com/

    But to share the iOS – that is a different story.

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