iPad2 and Composition’s with the Band

So we dove into some creativity with the Middle School Band kids this week. I used NotesPlus to get the kids basic ideas down and to keep them on track. Then I used iMovie for the iPad.

The assignment was simple. They were to come up with a creative SHORT story. That story had to have some characters and some events. They then had to compose musical themes to support their story. Again the directions were to keep this simple and short.

The process went something like this…. introduce students to the idea…. they then were given 20-30 minutes to work on ideas in small groups. Then we came back together the first day and listened to a few ideas so that they could hear what others were doing and hopefully be inspired. The second day I gave them about 15 minutes then we used NotesPlus and recorded audio and wrote notes into my iPad so everything could be in one spot. This also meant I did not have to collect papers! Then the students decided it might be fun to make movies of it all. So of course I got excited because I had my new iPad2 and iMovie! OF course me never having used it before I was not sure how it was going to work. We figured it out in one class period though! Record the video, then use the voice over (in our case – it was more like music soundtrack over) and add in the music! The kids were great! They were quiet while the other groups listened, played and told their stories then recorded them.

Here are our first two. I think they are very creative and fun for a first time ever doing this!

The iPad2 and iMovie was great! We were able to record several additional audio tracks on top of the original video audio. You can then adjust each clips level individually. You can add titles and sound effect (although we did not add any for these first two). You can edit out portions of the audio clips or the video clips. We shoot the classroom movie in four or five sections – in order to get them in order it was a simple matter  of grabbing the clip and putting them in order.Then the kids would watch the movie play back as they played their instruments in the voice over (soundtrack over lol). The built in mic for this thing was GREAT! I never once adjusted any mic levels – it was all done for us! One less thing to worry about teaching the kids!

When I got the movie all done I had two options. Add it to my Camera roll and sync it back to the computer to upload to YouTube from a computer. This is the option I SHOULD have taken with the 15 minute 720HD movie from the other night at the musical. That 15 minute movie took hours (several) to upload to YouTube (we ARE doing HD here people!) these clips were short so I choose to use the built in option to upload to YouTube right from the iPad. The 30 second movie took about 5 minutes and the 1 minute 9 second movie is going to take about 10 minutes.

Of course if you choose a lesser quality movie it would go much faster! I wanted to see how this looked in HD so I’ve stuck with the HD quality. As far as space on my iPad I have not noticed much of it disappearing because of these movie/audio clips for this assignment and the elementary musical movie I did the other night (that was 35-40 minutes of video there). I am VERY happy about how the iPad is storing material on itself.

What a great tool for the modern day student and classroom!

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