First Musical shot with an iPad2

Well…. OK so that’s stretching it a little. But seriously it very well might be! My daughter’s 3rd and 4th grade classes did their annual musical production last night. I of course took my iPad2 and sat in the floor up front and shot the entire show! I had to see what I could do with JUST my iPad. Here are my thoughts: (disclaimer – This was a 30 minute show that I had to chop things out of to fit YouTube’s limit of 15 minutes!)

1)My daughter was the best singer there! Go to 10:40 to see my point!
2)No, the video quality isn’t like a sony handycam or whatever your favorite “real” video cam is.
3)The thought that I have something this powerful that can shoot video that is THIS good is amazing to me! I shot the video, edited the video, and published it all from one device that I held in my hands!
4)The editing is easy! No you will not be able to do as much as you can with iMovie on the Mac. I do want you to remember this – You can do many things that you are thinking you want to do! It is not always easy to figure out HOW to do those things.
5)The possibilities of different ways to publish your video are many. After actually using my iPad to publish to YouTube once though I will NEVER do THAT again unless I am on my way to bed! It takes a long time. There were like three steps the iPad went through and the first two steps were FAST! I was amazed how fast that went! Then the last step of actually publishing the movie to YouTube took a long time. How long you ask – sorry I wasn’t timing for accuracy but it took several hours or longer! To be fair though I did publish a 15 minute video in HD! If you choose a lesser quality it would be faster!
6)The audio quality on this microphone ROCKS! I wish it was stereo – is it stereo? Anyone know?
7)It was hard to sit and hold that thing for 30 minutes!

Would I suggest the iPad2 to shoot video to people? Absolutely! Do I think this going to change how people think about video’s and sharing them and editing them? It already has!

Here is the link….


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