The Saga of getting my iPad2

Well if you go back and read my first blog post to this web site you will find quite a story about the purchase of my first iPad. Today that story almost seemed to repeat itself. I decided, with my wife’s help of course, a week ago that I was going to go ahead and get the new iPad2. So since today was the day it was released I figured I might as well get it today! Now I had planned to leave right after school got out at 3:00 and head over to the main shopping area. That town is 30 minutes away though. The first hitch in this plan came when I suddenly realized that I had forgotten to make the copies of my score that I needed for the judges at festival Saturday. I started trying to get good copies at lunch. It didn’t work well, wrong size paper, it didn’t shrink down right, edges were getting cut off and it was a nightmare trying to figure out which pages to copy with which other pages in the right order so the final product would not annoy the judges. I left school at 3:40. 40 minutes later than I wanted.

Next step. As I am leaving town I called ahead to Best Buy. They informed me that the iPads in stock were all spoken for by the people in line. They had about 25-30. Now this is about an hour and 20 minutes before 5 when the iPad went on sale. So I called WalMart. They wouldn’t tell me how many they had but they did tell me that there were enough people in line already that there would not be enough for everyone that was already there. Now I was freaking out, kicking myself for not being more organized with that score earlier in the week. Last hope was Target. They told me that there were no lines and that they had only five and those were only wifi 32 GB. Which was fine with me. Problem was that I was 20 minutes out still. So I went to a backup plan. I started calling a town down the road too. That town was bigger, maybe they would have more stock. No such luck, it was the same story there! Best Buy already had about 25 people in line for 30 iPads. That Target had too many people already just like Best Buy. So I hurried up a bit and hoped for the best.

My daughter and I pulled into he parking lot, she spied a parking spot right by the door. She already had my check book and wallet in her hands. We jumped out, forgetting to lock the door of the truck and ran for the store. We slowed to a fast walking pace inside the store and headed to electronics. I could see a line. As I got closer I saw 6 people in line already but we kept going hoping some of them were together. They were! I was person number FIVE! YIPPI! We had a good time standing and talking to the others in line. The only bad part was telling the next 20-25 people that they were too late!

Finally 5:00 hit. The sales people worked us around and they stared paying. Then it was our turn. I whipped out my check book. The clerk told me the total and I wrote the check. He rang it through, waited, the register made some noises and spit my check back out. The clerk then told me that the check would not go through! We tried doing it three different ways, none of them worked! Then it hit me! There was no reason for Target to not accept my check but the clerks were saying that since I did not have a check writing card there and the check was over $100 that was what was causing the problem. So I told the clerk to run the check through but to use my wife’s drivers license. Of course I was just waiting for him to say he couldn’t do that because she want with me. But he was nice and tried it. Of course then the check cleared! My daughter and I breathed a huge sigh of relief and walked quickly out of the store!

I had not made up my mind which version I wanted. I had gone back and forth between saying I did not need or want the 64 GB this time and that the 32 would be fine. I had not really been thrilled about the white version so I really kind of wanted black. I had also been seriously considering the 3G as well. Since I am heading towards a purchase of an iPhone this summer though I finally gave the 3G idea up. I mean it’s $130 more and my new iPhone will have a hotspot feature. So as I stood there in line I guess my mind was made up for me. A 32GB version would be just fine PLUS maybe white would be kind of neat and different to have after all! 😉

I am glad I made the decision to upgrade! This new iPad2 is WAY faster. My music scores turn pages WAY faster! Plus, remember Steve’s comment about being a whole new design? It is. It feels way better in my hands holding it! The camera are fun, factetime is great. I just wish my Mom was around still! I would be getting her one of these things!

Much thanks to Aron, the developer of unRealBook! He was FAST in getting me going again with another code and everything I needed to get my iPad ready to use for Band Festival tomorrow! His support is proof of a great group of developers out there that are doing an excellent job with their customers!

4 thoughts on “The Saga of getting my iPad2

  1. Hey Paul,

    I ended up buying a new White iPad 2 for my wife, and will have to wait for mine. I did get to install my favorite music readers, and I noticed that there was a noticeable–but slight–speed improvement on UnrealBook…but did ForScore ever speed up! ForScore has always “cached” the next page in real time performance, resulting in a speedy page turn, but if you beat the cache, the system was slower than UnrealBook. I’d bet that hotspots are better, too (need to test this).

    So I offer my congratulations to you on your new device. When I took my iPad out of its case for potential sale preparation, I found out that it has experienced minor impacts on the bottom. I’ve never dropped the iPad, so this must be connected to having it in a bag and having the bag drop on the floor. I took a little trip to Apple today to see what they said about it, and they came to the same conclusion.

    Now I’m wondering what I can get for a year-old, 64GB, wi-fi only iPad with slight cosmetic (NOT functional) damage.

    Also–did you ever get the iPhone 4 for Verizon?

  2. Chris I don’t know how I missed your comment here – sorry – It must have something to do with the excitement of the new iPad and the fact that I had Band Festival this weekend!

    I’m impressed that you and your wife are both going to get new iPads! Of course after using my new one this weekend I told my wife that I think I would like to get her a new one instead of passing on the old one to her! She’s really not sure she’s going to use it that much though! What all does your wife use hers for?

    I’ve been thinking about your comments and Aron’s about the minimal speed increases you guys have noticed for unRealBook. I noticed a huge improvement in unRealBook on my scanned scores which leads me to believe that I’m still not scanning things the right way! lol oh – well.

    I feel your pain about the iPad getting banged up while in your bag! My Powerbook was in my bag once, sitting on a counter. It got knocked off and left a not so minor dent in the one corner of the Powerbook! I was petrified! Nothing else got messed up though.

    I have decided to hold off on the iPhone4 until this summer. I am assuming the iPhone5 will be out then. I would be kicking myself for buying a iPhone4 now and a few months later a brand new one came out! I would never be able to deal with THAT!

  3. Just found your blog. Very nice. Just got an ipad2.
    iPhone 5 or maybe 4s isn’t due until September. Just FYI. I’m upgrading from a 3gs. Going to wait.

    1. Glad you found a few things that are helpful. Looking forward to hearing more comments from you as we go along.

      I agree about waiting until later this year for the iphone5. I also am waiting… I am working with a Droid first gen right now though and it is driving me crazy. It constantly is not doing what it should in a timely manner. But soon all that will be a distant memory.

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