iPad 4.3 updates are going to make things possible that were only dreams before

You know some people really hate change. My wife is one of those people. Until just a few nights ago she hated all things that were touch controlled. Like my iPad, iPod Touch and my Android Droid. Now she is the one who initiated the addition of a new iPad 2 which means she will get the old iPad. With the update to 4.3 I think she will be more likely to utilize and pick up on some features that would have been too complicated before.

The first thing that she will be using frequently are the new multiple touch gestures. I don’t think she will ever use the old double tap function to access the multiple tasking bar at the bottom of the screen. I am also wondering if she will even use the home button to gain access to the home screen? It’s way simpler to simply use the five finger pinch!

Then here are the AirPlay improvements. The biggest problem here will be convincing her to leave iTunes running on the iMac. Now she will be able to easily access our entire collection of music, photos and movies! I think I could probably convince her to get an apple tv because we have a flat screen hd tv in the bedroom. I can see her shooting videos and movies and photos to that tv, oh wait…. That’s not a new feature for the apple tv is it? Hmmmmm….. Maybe not. For myself I am hoping that the AirPlay feature will actually work at school. If I can access my laptops iTunes collection then why do I need 64gb on the iPad 2?

If you are not sure what the new multitouch gestures are then go to the system settings on your iPad, tap on General then look for multiple touch gestures. In order to get the HomeSharing setup for the AirPlay feature you have to turn HomeSharing on in your iTunes library on your computer. It is working great!

One thought on “iPad 4.3 updates are going to make things possible that were only dreams before

  1. The multi-touch gestures may not be good for music apps. Think about what happens when you play a piano and put 5 fingers down. In addition, it is not very good for children – since they often put entire hands down to turn pages.

    You can still turn them off, so at least that’s available.

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