Update to 4.3

Well I am glad I did not start the update to 4.3 too late while I was here at school! I guess I am very used to not having issues with Apple updates so it never occurred to me that something might not go smoothly with this update!

I started it 50 minutes ago and it is still running. Now when I say STARTED that means I clicked on the check for updates button in iTunes. So the update had to download, install and run. What is hanging it up currently are my photo’s. I have had my 64 GB iPad for a year now – I got mine the day it came out. I STILL only have 32GB of data on it! A month or so ago I finally decided to just go for it and I synced my entire iPhoto library with my iPad instead of just selecting some photo’s! So now I have 6117 photos on my iPad. Currently iTunes is optimizing my photos and is only at photo number 3500!

I hope everything else goes smoothly. It appears I will not be leaving school as quickly as I thought today! I guess I will have more time to sort and file more music in the back room while this thing finishes up in my office!

UPDATE – iTunes has a popup window that is optimizing the photos now (I think as it installs them on my iPad) It is now 3:31. Now it says that iTunes is actually installing my photo’s on the iPad! For some reason now my photo count is down to 6075! Hmmm…. oh well. I should have known better. Well I am going to go to the tire store, leave my computer and iPad at work and come back later to get them. I hope no little pop ups happen that require my clicking a button to finish this process!

UPDATE 2 – Came back to the school – everything was done – no idea how long it took to fully finish though. Everything is running as I would expect now. The new HomeSharing is a HUGE feature! So long AirVideo and AirPlay – sorry – nothing wrong with what you did but you are no longer needed. I won’t have to run that server on my laptop! I am installing 4.3 on my 32GB iPod Touch right now. That is happening MUCH faster. I’ve got to believe that if I wouldn’t have had 6000+ photo’s my iPad update would have been fine.

By the way – UnReal Book is running just fine. (Thank goodness as I have festival Saturday!)

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