New Guitar App for iPad

Notion Music has released a new app for iPad called PROGESSION. Here is the first line from their website:
Progression, a guitar tab editor for your iPad gives you the convenience of an easy-to-use guitar tab creation tool right at your fingertips.

This app excites me! Not because it is a flawless app yet but because of the promise this app delivers! I am not a guitar player so the idea of TAB’s have never excited me. After working with this app though I am impressed! Progression allows for the entering, editing and playing back of the ever popluar guitar tab notation. I’ve even given Notion the advantage of calling TAB’s notation – usually I find guitar TAB’s severely lacking because of the absence of rhythm. Notion has included rhythm and the normal TAB information all into one package though.

So when I open up one of their sample scores I see the TAB notation that tells me which fret and string to play as well as what rhythms. They don’t stop there though. They also give us an abundance of guitar functions, including but not limited to: vibrato, slides, string bending, hammer-ons, pull-offs, trills, whammy-bar methods and more. It gets even better though! You can play the notation back and listen to it as well!

It is very fast and easy to select different notes – you simply tap on the correct fret and string on the guitar neck at the bottom of the screen. It is also very fast and easy to select different rhythmic values from a pop-up menu. There are menus to add text, all the different ways to play notes like trills and hammer-ons. You can add repeats and time signatures as well obviously.

I think that Sibelius needs to take a look at this and make a iPad version of Sibelius.

All said and done. I am very excited about the new apps coming out. I did however have several issues with the app. The guitar neck at the bottom of the screen disappeared on me and I had to re-boot the app. I had another time when several other things went away as well. I am sure these issues will be taken care of quickly though.

The price is hard to beat as well! It is free for now! Go get it!


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