The iPad2 and new apps websites

So I, along with a few zillion other people, watched in anticipation while Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPad2! Well ok, I’ll admit it, I didn’t ACTUALLY watch the entire presentation live! I mean I DID have a rehearsal to run at 1:00 to 2:00. I did watch the start though so I knew a little bit. Then as soon as rehearsal finished I quickly scanned about 3 different news sites before my last class came in.

My initial thoughts at the end of Wednesday and even into Thursday were that I might skip this iPad version. I’m happy with what I have and it works well. Then I started thinking more about the fact that the iPad2 is supposed to be faster. Faster CPU as well as faster graphics. This could be huge! The speed at which the original iPad turns the pages in my PDF files is one thing that does bother me at times. I am often in situations where I am the only instrumentalist playing and I am playing piano. I have dropped a few notes because the page turn was a bit slow for me. Faster would for sure be better! Then another huge benefit would be that I would actually have two iPads in my house! My wife obviously would take over the original iPad BUT I’m sure I could convince her to let me use it for performances. This would allow me to have two pages of music up at a time!

THEN I watched the keynote video. The additional use of having a camera is really growing on me! Plus you can edit video right there in your lap! The version of Garage Band sounds and looks exactly what I have been searching through the app store looking for during the past two months! I’m too cheap to buy one of those other apps for $40ish dollars. I’ve not used Garage Band on my laptop much because I also have LogicPro but I would use this on my iPad. The last critical element missing (or maybe it’s not) is being able to record my keyboard in STEREO! I absolutely believe that to be able to record my keyboards in stereo is vital. It sounds so much better and makes the recording details much easier to discern. Does anyone know of a way to record in stereo?

I thing that come March 11 I will be making a purchase. This time I will not be buying the 64 gig version though. I am comfortable that the 32 gig will be sufficient. What about you? Which size are you going to buy.

I DID notice a very exciting aspect that could be a possibility. AirPlay for ANY app! wow! This is going to mature into amazing possibilities for the classroom.

OK – I must wrap this up. I want to leave you with two websites that I have just re-stumbled across. They are both sites that highlight great apps. At both websites I found my self looking at apps that I had no idea existed AND that I thought would be something really great to try out. I know that with all the apps out there (65,000 – is that right?) I had missed a few! But I’ve been looking and digging through the app store for a whole year. With one night one these two websites I found some great apps!



One thought on “The iPad2 and new apps websites

  1. Video mirroring is also a big bonus on the new iPad, being able to connect directly to my projector and show ANY app is going to be very cool.

    For the band directors here, Peterson just released a dedicated iPad strobe tuner which includes VGA support…huge tuner on the projector anyone?

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