New ways to interact with the Class

Now that my tech department at school has helped fix my connectivity issues at school with my iPad….. I went to the app store and bought Air Sketch tonight. I am excited about being able to take whatever I am looking at on my iPad and present it on the classroom projector from now on. I can project pictures, pdf files or just project a whiteboard type of screen. On top of whatever I am projecting I can then draw on it, highlight and annotate it. This will be very helpful! Of course if I could do this from ANY program I happened to be using at the time this function would be even more useful! But I will be satisfied with what is available to me now! Or even if I could go directly from let’s say, unRealBook and pop the score I am using at the moment right into the AirSketch program.

I’m loading my DropBox with all my scores, blank staff paper and am getting ready for classes this week! I’ve got a pogo stylus which will be much easier to use to write then trying to do it with my finger.

I can think of a multitude of times I would have used this tech during marching season!


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