Notation on the iPad

Notation, as in actually creating an editable score right on the iPad! Where did I miss this? Here is the first paragraph from their website:


“Symphony Pro is the long-awaited music notation & composition application for your iPad. Importing and exporting your projects is a breeze, and with the built-in keyboard, creating new compositions just as easy.”

I think that is vitally important to note the fact that this program will do Music XML. This means ti will “talk”, to some degree, to Sibelius and Finale. We sure don’t really need ONE MORE standard out there. Plus I have a zillion Sibelius files already around. I wonder how well I will be able to still access those Sibelius files when I stop using my laptop?

Here is the link to their website….

The app costs $12.99


4 thoughts on “Notation on the iPad

  1. I’ve had Symphony on my iPhone for some time…one of two music notation apps for the iPhone–and the only one still being updated by the company. I looked at the release date…January 7th, 2011. That’s how we missed it! I hope to get this soon and write a review.

  2. I picked up Symphony last night. It mentioned chords, but as far as I can tell, there is no way to create chord symbols in any meaningful way. It looks ok, but is extremely basic and right now, of not much use unfortunately.

  3. Here is their Blog….
    As I read further it does say that it will only export XML…. guess I’m not going to open my Sibelius files in it unless I go with MIDI which is going to loose quite bit of information like dynamics, text etc…

    Thanks for the info…. looking forward to any other reviews! Come on Make Music and Sibelius…. let’s get going guys!

  4. I had the chance to review Symphony Pro today, and I was really impressed. (The review’s on the blog). The app isn’t perfect, but I don’t expect it to be, either. But you can write serious music on the app, and it does have a huge potential role in music education. I love the keyboard entry mode (I blogged about the potential of this last March), and entry is very intuitive.

    You can enter chords…the keyboard is multi-voice. Importing and exporting leave a bit to be desired right now (the best way to export is to export pictures of each page, rather than MusicXML), but I think Xenon Labs will fix that.

    Xenon Labs hasn’t abandoned its iPhone app, which was okay…the other iPhone music notation app, PocketScore (by Electric Ears) hasn’t been updated for a year. That tells me that they’ll keep tweaking Symphony Pro.

    This fall, I worked with my Music Theory students in our computer lab, teaching them the basics of Finale. Finale can be hard to work with (I’ve been using it nearly 15 years, so not it isn’t so hard for me). I think Symphony Pro is pretty user-friendly, and I’d have loved for my students to have written out their assignments on it. I don’t think there was a single assignment that they could not have completed on Symphony Pro and then e-mailed to me. (I have a grant in the works for 15 iPads…we’ll see what happens).

    Right now, Symphony Pro is the only option out there for music notation, and it’s at a starting point. But it’s also a functional program and it will be exciting to see where this goes.

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