Thinking of the possibilities for Education

If you have not seen the Agendas app and you are a person who runs meetings or you are a teacher, you really should go watch the videos on the website.

Think of how this could work in a classroom…..

The teacher has a lesson all planned out for the students that utilizes multimedia. The students all pull up the lesson on their own devices… and follow along. The student can take notes…. they can take part in polls…. they can ask questions…. and it all is synced back to the presenter/teacher. I love the questions feature, it allows students to ask questions, the other students see those questions (along with the teacher) then you can even have those questions get voted up in importance and the teacher can address the questions as needed. After the lesson is all over the students all keep the agenda/lesson along with their notes and then they can refer back to it at any time.

The obvious drawback here is how many classrooms have a “set” of these devices? But hey…. I still remember the meeting with my principals a few years ago when they laughed at me when I suggested that I should have a laptop for the classroom!

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