Live Performance and my iPad

I am a little bit frustrated right now…. I have been playing keyboard along with my Jazz Combo and have been TRYING to use the iPad for my music. It IS NOT working for me though! In fact today I gave up and picked up the real paper piano part! Trying to keep both hands busy playing and turn the page is causing me issues! It’s GOT to be that I am not used to playing and using the iPad yet. Usually I am conducting and using the iPad – no problems there.

I’ve got to get one of those nifty Airturn devices! But then I shudder to think of even more pedals!


2 thoughts on “Live Performance and my iPad

  1. You get used to it after time. Sure beats clips and chasing after music when the wind blows and having to carry a light. Not to mention fake books. Anyway, in a jazz trio you don’t need your left hand all the time 🙂

  2. I do indeed love not having to worry if I will remember my stand light at the concerts! I also watch in amusement as others try to clip their music down!
    I also love being able to have any music with me I might want at any particular time.

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