Musical Instrument Night! – ThumbJam rocks!

Tonight as I was digging around  on the wonderful world of the web I found a video highlighting some music apps for the iPad/iPod Touch, iPhone. One of those apps was the app called ThumbJam by a company called Sonosaurus. There are few apps that I find AND buy all in the same day (unless they turn out to be free like Ocarina was tonight!) but after visiting their web site and watching the wonderful videos they have up there to demo their app I bought the app. Actually I even bought the app BEFORE I was done listening to all the demos – GASP! I will say that this app must be HUGE because it took it FOREVER to load! I’ve never had an app take this long to load. It obviously has something to do with all the musical instruments it includes, which is why there are more instruments they say you can download from their website.

I WILL be using this instrument, oops sorry – APP, this week at my concerts. It is THAT easy and inspiring to use! My kids and I just might end up doing a little quintet at church Sunday night using them!

PS – in case you also wanted to watch the video I mentioned earlier here is the link to that as well… make sure to read through the article as it includes the links and more information than what is even in the video.


3 thoughts on “Musical Instrument Night! – ThumbJam rocks!

    1. Yes, they are free downloads.

      In the future I might add in option to do in-app purchases of new instrument packs but I have not yet done so. When that is in place you’ll know it, Apple requires the same kind of authentication for in-app purchases as in the App Store.

      Glad you are enjoying it!

      1. Hey we like free even better though …. so no hurry to make in-app purchases work!

        Thanks for assuring me though that those WERE free!

        So when you are performing with your iPod at a concert what have you found is the best way to get it hooked up to the sound system?

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