iPad Music Readers

I am really curious what type of music people are putting into their iPads. Is it marching band music, piano music, solo music, choir, or what? Are people besides me using the iPad to read scores? What kind of success are you having reading scores from your iPad? I am also very curious as to what instruments people are playing while reading the music off their iPads.

6 thoughts on “iPad Music Readers

  1. Well, I was going to put my scores for the Christmas concert on the iPad but I never found the time to scan them. If I can find an app so I can put my contest scores AND highlight them, add notes, etc. then I am on board. Still searching for an app that will let me do this.

  2. Kevin you should take a look at unRealBook for the iPad! I have all my band scores for my high school and middle school bands in that app. I also have all my euphonium parts on it for the community band I play in. unRealBook will let you write on your scores, and highlight them. It works really well! Of course you still have to find the time to scan your scores until the music publishers find it in their hearts to include a PDF file when we buy our music!

  3. So far, I’ve got our entire choir library scanned into PDF files and use those every day in class. I’ve just started scanning my personal tuba and voice music, and I’m also working on scanning all of the vocal rep books our school has, too. I’m having to destroy a single copy of each vocal book, which is okay, as they fall apart over time anyway. Eventually, I’ll want them all bound…so it is helping that process.

    We’ll have another large shipment of choral music soon (we’re a new school, so we have a long way to go with repertoire).

    UnrealBook is unashamedly my choice, too. Great app. But I also have to recommend ForScore. iOS 4.2 broke a few things for those of us beta-testing UnrealBook, and Aron (the developer) was VERY quick to address those issues. But I still had a few days where I was using ForScore in place of UnrealBook. It is nice having two alternatives, together which cost less that $11 (with tax). [I still like UnrealBook’s notation better…but in a pinch, ForScore is better than nothing].

    There are a lot of other readers out there, and a few that do notation…but the big “GigBook” apps (other than UnrealBook) do not offer notation…and as a music teacher, that’s a non-negotiable.

    1. I have to agree about the whole – having choices thing! I use unRealBook ALL the time but I am constantly jumping around into ForScore and a few others apps as well just for the fun of it and to see what they offer.

      Chris… you must have been crazy busy doing all that scanning! Of course being a new school you may not have as much music as we do! Choir scores are easier and shorter than band scores too! Are you scanning at 150dpi in black and white? How big is a typical 8-10 page score for you?

  4. Hi you all. I am a choir conductor. We sing renaissance music and I have started to use ForScore. This app is awesome. I love the way it catalogues all my scores.

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