iReal Book and GigBook apps

Does anyone remember or even still use Band-In-A-Box? I loved this program about 10 years ago and used it frequently. The main idea was that you typed in the chords to a song, picked a style (out of like a zillion) and the program then generated a rhythm section for you! It was fun, worked well for teaching rhythm sections different styles and helped soloists practice without having to rely on a rhythm section to be there for them.

Tonight I was looking at the iReal Book and found that this app does some of that same stuff! But on an iPod Touch or iPad! The app also has a bunch of pre-done charts for you. It looks very promising. I think this might just go on my Christmas list! It is $9.99.

I also took a glance at GigBook. One more music focused PDF reader. Not sure how it compares to unReal Book or ForScore but it looks interesting enough to spend the $4.99 on it (for Christmas of course right?! )

Of course if anyone is using either of these apps I would love to hear about your experiences with them. Of course if you are the developer and would like to give me a promo code for your app I would love to put it through it’s paces and then give it a review here on this website. I think both apps could hold promise.


3 thoughts on “iReal Book and GigBook apps

  1. You should go to and read up on iGigBook(not to be confused with GigBook). iGigBook is targeted more towards the professional musician that needs fast access to their music collection so that they can play a tune seconds after it’s called. There’s no other product that let’s you find in seconds every version of “Giant Steps” in the multiple PDF books you may own.

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