Google Voice appears on the iTunes Store!

IF you have not heard of google voice you should head over to the website that explains it and check it out. The features and things it can do are pretty astounding. I use google voice to some extent. I don’t use all the features but I will tell you that I have not had to access my Verizon phone’s voicemail since last January! I really dislike voice mails. Is it even called that? I call it that I guess after using google voice for the past almost year. Every time someone actually leaves me a voice message, I receive an email AND a text message with a transcription of what that person said. I do want to go on record RIGHT now to say that these transcriptions are pretty hit and miss as to accuracy. Sometimes the transcription is pretty funny because it is wrong! BUT they are always close enough that I can figure out pretty close the idea of what the person wanted to say and act from there. The nice thing is that email/text comes through even while in meetings, church, class and wherever I happen to be and during whatever I happen to be doing. It has been WAY faster to actually read the message rather than having to go dig into a verizon answering machine and sit there listening to the caller. Giving me a chance to simply and quickly read allows me to decide how quick I need to act on a phone call. I was really hoping that Google would have given me an app that allowed me to quickly access those voice messages on my iPad as well. It would be a different experience than accessing the messages on my phone but it would have been one more way to take care of business. I look at it like my email. I am constantly using ALL my devices to take care of email, I use my Droid, iPad, iPod Touch, MacBook and even at times a school Dell (gasp!). Having access on all those devices makes it pretty easy to get through all the email that comes to me. I would like that capability, in app form, on my iPad as well.

Last night I heard that the Google Voice app was released so I went to the app store on my iPad to download it. I was surprised to find that it did not even show up! So I looked on my MacBook in iTunes and found it, downloaded it and installed it on my iPad. Upon trying to open it on my iPad I once again could not find it! Even though it LOOKED and installed like every other app I have, it did not actually install! Weird! At least they could have built in a warning or something!

Guess I will have to wait.


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