New Score App? I don’t think so.

Tonight I found an app called Scorecerer from Deskew Technologies. This is an app that, as it says on their web page, is a musicians sheet music manager. At first glance it looks very interesting. There is a desktop app to go along with the iPad app. Here is the information from their web site:


  • Import your scanned music sheets
  • Scorecerer will clean them up automatically
    • Music notation will be straightened
    • Content scaled to maximize the available viewing space
    • No need for external image processing to fix poor scans
  • Rearrange pages simply by dragging
  • Lead sheet creation from portions of original pages
    • Chords and words for the guitarist
    • Words and melody for the singer
    • Bass line for the bass player
  • Publish in formats suitable for various devices
    • Amazon Kindle
    • Apple iPad
    • Freehand Systems MusicPad Pro
    • Tablet, Laptop, Desktop PC (using our built-in viewer)
  • For computers running Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh OS X

I tried it out and some day this app may actually be something to look at. I WOULD like an app that would make it easy for me to straighten my scans, crop out the dead space in order to maximize the musical part of the scan and then easily publish it out in an optimized size and format for my iPad.

What I found is that this program is just not that easy to use. It seems cumbersome. The process to get a song onto my iPad took me more than a few tries. What I was left with wasn’t any better than what I’ve been using all along. Plus they want to charge you $30. To top that off this is an annual useage fee!

I WILL give them this…. the desktop app DID in fact manage to finally produce a PDF of a band score I already had in UnReal Book. The new PDF was in fact smaller and I was able to deskew and crop my old pdf (although I FIRST had to download a different program that turned my PDF into jpg files). The new file did turn pages a little bit faster when I loaded it into UnReal Book but for the price, the hassle and the bad experience of working with that software… I wasn’t impressed enough.

Short story… I deleted both apps, the laptop version and the iPad version!


One thought on “New Score App? I don’t think so.

  1. A bit more clarification as to some of the reasons I did not think this app is quit ready for the big time yet.

    When I would click on the deskew/straighten button I “think” the app did something but I did not get enough feedback to be able to tell if anything really happened. It was very hard for me to get a bigger picture of the music to see if the music actually was indeed straightened or not.

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