App for the iPad to control MIDI

I found an app tonight that I can use to control MIDI on my laptop.

Set up was pretty simple – 1)download the app….. 2)download the wi-fi server software (there are two variations – get the S1MIDI WiFi Server as the other version has serious latency issues!) ….. 3)start server on the laptop and then start app on the iPad…. 4)load up Logic (I haven’t tried it with anything else but I can’t imagine it’s going to be much different) and hit a pad on the iPad and it worked!

The free version does not let you save your own setups which means if I actually intend to use this app for anything serious I will be paying for it.

I had tried something like this before – OSC MIDI ? But it never worked this easy!

One thought on “App for the iPad to control MIDI

  1. Now that iOS 4.2 is out with core MIDI, I wonder what kind of exciting things we’ll see? I’d certainly love to be able to simply hook up the iPad to the computer with the 30 pin cable and enter notes via Pianist Pro that way.

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