New Technologies

I am always amazed at how many people are not using some of these great tools available for free. I have been checking around at the school and no even seems to KNOW ABOUT ZumoCast or even EverNote. That list of people includes some of our tech people! Now THAT is sad!

I did laugh the other day while in the technology guys office at our school though. We are trying to convince the correct people to re-open access to DropBox. My tech guy had called “THE Guy” at the regional office to ask about DropBox access for teachers at the school. “THE Guy” asked “well WHO needs access to THAT?” My Tech Guy rolled his eyes at me and told “THE Guy”… “Never Mind I can see you are in one of your Moods again. I’ll talk to you later about it!” I laughed.

But seriously…. That is exactly one of the reasons teachers do not even go looking and exploring these tools! We find tools like Evernote, see the great potential, get excited, sign up and then the process comes to a screeching halt when we get to school the next morning and it doesn’t work! I purchased the Wi-Fi only version of the iPad the day it was released because I couldn’t wait! If I had purchased the 3G version I would be able to have access but I would also be paying for my own data plan on top of my cell phone data plan. Not worth it in my case. BUTTTTTTTT…… who knows.

This paradigm shift we are going through is moving fast. People need to get on board and stop being so afraid. Our school changed policy this year about cell phones in school. I am so grateful for a principal who is willing to make that work. Not because I’m going to use cell phones in band class but because other teachers ARE choosing to make use of them. I never thought a few years ago that I would have a group of my students standing in a pep assembly performing a rap, written by a student, and using entirely electronic instruments! ( ) (Sorry about the bad audio – it IS in a gym – but you get the spirit of the thing! Our football team won their first playoff game EVER – the kids had about three days to come up with the rap and the music – It works! Everyone loved it!) I never thought that someone else (besides me) would be posting the video and pictures of a performance like that BEFORE I did! I like being connected and I like my kids being connected!

It is scary though – My Dad went to a one room school house in elementary school. That freaked me out when he told me THAT! What is school going to look like when my grand kids are that age? Compare my Dad’s school to mine and to my kids……


2 thoughts on “New Technologies

  1. How true, they say we need to use Technology in Education and when we try, we can’t because of the school’s own limitations.

    As I’ve told you we are trying to get Smart Music going in our school and the biggest obstacle seems to be technology itself.

    We need internet drops in our JH bandroom to get going but they seem to drag their feet, delaying the whole Technology In Education plan…

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