Wow! I think I’m in love!

Well… kind of! Awhile back I had tried the app ZumoCast. For some reason I did not really go through with getting it all set up. I dropped the testing of it and let it sit. There are so many different things that I try out that this is not really all that uncommon for me! I never should have let it drop!

Tonight I read a post from another music teacher about how much they like being able to access their music from home while they are at school by using ZumoCast. This peeked my interest once again! I got the application installed on both my MacBook Pro as well as our family iMac upstairs (shhh… don’t tell my wife ok?). Then I got the app on my iPad. Now I am listening to any of my music that I want… without putting it on my iPad. I’m watching a movie stream from the MacBook Pro to my iPad. I’m looking at any of my documents that I have on the laptop as well!

I did have a song playing when I first tried watching a movie off my iPad. The song kept playing and the movie was not responding then the app crashed but I restrarted and went straight to the movie. Worked fine then!

I tried opening a bunch of my documents. It opened word, excel, pdf, .png, and pages files as expected. It did open keynote files and let you view them as well.  Sometimes things “were not all there”. I could see the text always but sometimes things were missing like graphics and layout/formatting. Sometimes the keynotes were as they should be though. Sometimes it got even wilder! Instead of ZumoCast treating the keynote as a document, it would treat it as a folder!

I think this app is going to give me even more access than DropBox has in the past. I wonder if it will be blocked when I an at school in the morning. If not… hmmmm….. what could I do with access to my ENTIRE music library?

I do believe that one of the reasons I STOPPED using this app the first time around was because I had questions about security. Anyone have any feedback on that side of this app? It DOES say that nothing is getting uploaded though.

PS – there is web access to my files as well.


2 thoughts on “Wow! I think I’m in love!

  1. Hello!

    Thank you for the great review. Wanted to answer some of your questions.

    The way you are accessing your data is protected the same technology as logging onto your bank’s website and accessing your account. ZumoCast does not upload any of your data. The servers are there only to link the two devices (computer to iPad, etc.). It basically tells your device where the data is coming from and authenticates your account. So unless you give out your password, you’re safe.

    For documents that do not open properly on ZumoCast you can try another alternative. There is a button when you open up any file in ZumoCast, that allows you the option of opening it with another app. So if you find an app that handles Keynote files (or any other type), you can have ZumoCast stream the file to that app. Give it a shot and see how it works.

    As for the school blocking ZumoCast. Not much we can do there unfortunately. The web access may be a good loophole. Of course if you have a 3G iPhone or iPad, you could still access your data regardless. 🙂

    Hopefully this helps. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments. You can email us here:

    Also, you can follow us on Twitter (@zumocast) or Facebook ( for our latest news and updates.

    Thanks again!

    The ZumoCast Team

  2. Thanks for the additional information from the ZumoCast Team! I’m always way more impressed by developers that take a few moments and talk to us, the users

    I am especially glad that they commented about ZumoCast not uploading our files. I was pretty sure that it wasn’t but now that I know for sure I am even more inclined to use this software.

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