OK….. this is not about iPad’s but it is music and it is technology! If you did not notice Apple announced the availability of iLife11. Of particular interest to me are the new Garageband features. Garage Band now does the SmartMusic thing… it listens to you play, analyzes what you played and gives you feedback on how well you did! I’m excited! But only if I can create these files myself! Stay tuned for more!

Of course the new FaceTime app for the mac is sweet. Of course how long will it be until I can take advantage of it? I have had a webcam sitting on my desk for a decade now and still have yet to actually use the darn thing! No one that I care to video chat with has the same tools as I do. But FaceTime is going to explode I believe. Soon it will be available all over the place! Just like AirPlay. I hope AirPlay is more successful than AirTunes. I want to be able to be listening to my iPod in my house as I am getting ready for work. Of course I will not have headphones on because that would be rude to shut everyone else out, I DO have 6 kids, a wife and a dog! No, the iPod will be playing through the speakers sitting on the counter in the bathroom using AirPlay, which means I don’t have to connect wires! I hit play and boom there it is…. instant music to shave by. Then I pick up my iPod, walk to the kitchen to get breakfast and the music stops playing in the bathroom and transfers to the living room speakers. Then I head to the car, climb in and there is the same song that was still playing when I left the living room that transferred over to my car stereo. I continue to jam out on the way to school. After turning the car off and walking into the band room and turning on the stereo there I continue my playlist that I have been listening to all morning. Of course you notice that I DID not “HOOK” my iPod to my band room stereo. No way! I carry the iPod in my pocket, and yet the music plays over the big speakers in for all to hear! I’m excited!

Of course as long as my school network doesn’t block all that fine music! Which brings me to a plea of help to anyone reading this! I am having issues connecting my iPad to the internet while at school. It has something to do with the firewall the school uses. Of course there are only three of us in our school that use an iPad and in all the surrounding schools in the entire area there are only like three more besides us. So needless to say that since we are using “personal” devices not supported by the school districts…. our problems are exactly that…. “our problems”!

I have the folowing apps that are giving me problems; Feeddler, Weather Channel, Dropbox, Evernote and a few others. Like I said, I’m pretty sure it is firewall issues. Anyone have any ideas?

3 thoughts on “iLife11

  1. Hey Paul,

    1) I’m still waiting for a water-proof battery operated speaker that can stream music from the iPhone/iPad/MacBook. For the shower, of course.

    2) Regarding district firewalls: you have to make friends with the director of technology and sell your point of view. We have a quasi-open Public wi-fi channel, which is hidden, yet not password protected…however, the user has to accept usage through the district with every link to the system. It’s a long story. Dropbox and Facetime work; YouTube is shut down, at least during school hours. And of course, in the school, 3G doesn’t work, either.

    Just make the case that you either a) need more access (Dropbox is a great alternative to students lugging USB drives around) or b) need another channel for teachers with personal devices. The district firewall can still filter out all the bad stuff…but leave certain PG or R rated things (which is how I’d describe some of the content on YouTube) open to staff.

  2. Thanks very much for a great resource! Your site is just the thing I was looking for since I am also a Band Director and also want to use my iPad as much as possible, couldn’t be better.

    I can only help by saying the same thing, get to know the tech people and plead your case. I have no issues with the wifi network at school on my iPad (except the signal is not strong enough to reach the JH Band room) so I just set up an ad hoc network from my wired laptop in the bandroom and now I have wifi.

    My iPad also has 3G, not the fastest but works fast enough to stream YouTube video onto my projector in the band room, I just wish more apps used the VGA connection on the iPad!

    We are just getting Smart Music going this year, that’s another computer issue to work out with our tech people, but the new GarageBand looks really cool, please keep us updated.

  3. Thank you for both of your comments. Point well taken about making friends with the tech people! I did learn in college that the most important people to make friends with are the janitors and secretaries and these days we add the network/tech crew to that list as well!

    The weirdness is that I have worked with those guys and they have been somewhat helpful. I can actually access dropbox and evernote now on my mac laptops and mac desktops. The problem is that something is different with the iPad.

    The other nice thing is that as teachers here in our district we do actually have full access to youtube. Facebook and twitter are blocked though.

    Oh well… I’ll keep plugging away.

    Kevin – That’s great news about Smart Music! I use that ALL the time. Make sure your tech guys read the system requirements carefully because there is quite a list of links they will need to make sure are going through for you! My tech guys DID get SmartMusic going now that we are in week 7 of school! It was constantly crashing. I was really worried for a few weeks there.

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