Music technology class

It is a discussion at our school right now to start a music technology class or some type of class for middle school students that would be relevant to today’s music scene. Sounds great until we start talking about the lax of money for anything and the fact that we are like three weeks away from school starting.

I have a list of the perfect tools to start a class like this IF we had money. So I’m wondering what we can find for free or cheap at least.

Tonight I found audio

Looks promising. Any other thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Music technology class

  1. What is the goal/focus of the class? One of the things I’ve been learning is that technology adapts differently (sometimes only slightly so, sometimes much more so) to the aspect of music that it is being applied to. For instance, UnrealBook now meets about 95% of my needs as a choir director for use in daily rehearsal (including playing accompaniments and projecting on a VGA screen). I don’t think the program would be as useful for a band director (partially because of the iPad’s own screen size), but for a gigging musician, it might meet all of their technology needs (no more stand light, either).

    If you have access to a computer lab, there are a number of resources you can tap into–that can be legally installed on your computers, such as Audacity (it looks terrible but has a lot of fantastic features), Finale Notepad 2008 (the last year it was free), and even With Audacity, you can give kids practice working with music recording; with Finale Notepad, they can compose music; and with, they can learn music theory.

    As for stand alone hardware, I don’t know where you can get it…but if your school had a lab of iPod Touches or iPads, there would certainly be a lot of things you could accomplish that way, too.

  2. The goal is to take the non-band students and give them a music experience. Now that is the Administration talking. I would also add to that description, using technology and todays music as a starting point. This is a 6 week rotating class. Possibly a 12 week class. We would have every non-band student in 6th grade in this class. In other words it is not a “choice” class.

    I do like Audacity and Now of course we should remember that students would be in a lab setting so recording could be weird but it would be possible.

  3. For music technology, if you happen to know someone you consider a professional, ask if they would mind donating a few tutorials on any of the tools you can get your hands on. I think it would be a win-win for all parties involved.

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