What’s in YOUR iPad dock?

In my iPad dock I have unreal Book, Safari, Mail, iTunes and the App Store. I also have Photos, i had to go check that one. These should in theory be your most used apps right? I have my app for accessing all my music that I need for any of my musical endeavors like teaching and playing piano or teaching bass to my son. Web browsing and email are a given I think.

Having the App Store App is a given see as how I am constantly looking for new apps, trying out and getting rid of apps I don’t like for one reason or another, doing updates and trying to not loose that App store app. Everytime you update an app you are dumped out of the app store and directly to the page that you have that app on. I almost always would rather just stay in the app store so i can keep browsing. I mean come on, you gotta wait for that update to download anyways. Why do i want to go to that page right away? I’m NOT going to sit there and watch it download, although they are usually pretty quick.

I’m going to have to rethink having the photo app there. Maybe I should put clipboard there or maybe FeeddleRSS ( not sure that’s spelled right). I use those ALL the time.

What’s in your dock? I’d love to know.

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